MUJO Service Support

Standard warranty is 1 year, expandable with service packages up to 3 years. Wide network of authorized service centers throughout the country. First and second lines of customer support.

Single Guarantee

We are responsible for the compatibility, quality and reliability of equipment after customization. Therefore, you do not have to monitor the warranty program of each product individually.

Extended Warranty Programs

Authorized service centers

Frequently asked questions about service support

How to obtain warranty service2024-01-18T16:04:39+05:30

Contact the support service by phone 1800 555 5555 or fill out a request on the website.

Warranty service does not include installation, adjustment, cleaning of the product, replacement of consumables and other maintenance of equipment.
The Company is not responsible for the compatibility of MUJO products with third party equipment and software.

Where to find addresses of service centers2024-01-18T16:07:50+05:30

On the website in the Support section.

Situations not covered by warranty2024-01-18T16:09:29+05:30

The warranty does not apply to:

  • product defects resulting from violation of transportation and
    storage rules, as well as improper operation;
  • product defects resulting from
    force majeure circumstances;
  • product defects resulting from the actions of third parties;
  • defects caused by non-compliance with the attached operating instructions, as well
    as careless handling;
  • deficiencies caused by improper connection and installation of the product;
  • product defects caused by non-compliance of the power supply network, telecommunications,
    cable and other networks with the requirements of the state standard;
  • product defects caused by natural phenomena and natural disasters, fires;
    domestic and wild animals, as well as insects and rodents; ingress of
    foreign objects or substances, dust, moisture and other similar reasons;
  • external and internal contamination, scratches, abrasions, cracks, dents, etc.,
    arising during transportation and operation, as well as other mechanical
  • products that have been repaired or technically examined
    by unauthorized service providers;
  • products from which the serial number, markings and seals on
    product components have been removed;
  • damage caused to other equipment operating in conjunction with the
    MUJO product;
  • remote controls, styluses, headphones, headsets, headphones with
    microphone, antennas, non-rechargeable batteries, connecting cables;
  • mounting accessories, straps, covers, carrying cords, documentation included with the product;
  • storage media of various types (memory cards, disks with software and drivers);
  • broken software installed by FabrikOn LLC
    due to the deletion of files important to the system, incorrect system configuration,
    virus infection, etc.;
  • other cases provided for by current legislation.
Will replacing components yourself affect the warranty?2024-01-18T16:10:21+05:30

Replacing components does not affect the warranty. The customer is responsible for further compatibility. If the product fails due to a low-quality/incompatible component installed independently, the device will be voided from warranty.

Where to find drivers for MUJO devices2024-01-18T16:11:55+05:30

You can find and download drivers yourself on our website. If you do not find the required file in the list of required models, please write us an email to [email protected] indicating the S/N of the device.

Documentation and drivers

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