We offer a full range of production services. From manufacturing and testing to certification, design development and logistics

Products We Design

We design high-quality and long lifecycle industrial motherboards and embedded computing solutions.

Types of Custom Design

we are experts at custom designing computer-based products.

ODM Custom Design Process

We design quality and extended-lifecycle industrial motherboards and embedded computing systems.

Assembly and production of IT equipment

Production, modification or specialized equipment of computer equipment in compliance with the quality management system GOST R ISO 9001:2015.

Setup and testing for complex projects2024-01-04T17:34:29+05:30
  • Stress Testing 
  • Electrical strength test
  • Testing for resistance to external factors
Creation of PAKs and automated workstations2024-01-04T17:33:54+05:30

Creation, testing and certification of solutions.

Reconfiguration and additional assembly of products2024-01-04T17:33:25+05:30
  • Installation of safety components for special product requirements. 
  • Adding and replacing components.
Contract manufacturing under a partner’s brand2024-01-04T17:32:50+05:30

Assembled from MUJO partner or manufacturing site components.

Assembly from components from the MUJO production site2024-01-04T17:32:13+05:30

Ready-made equipment under the MUJO brand or with a partner’s logo.


On issues of organizing certification processes, preparing the necessary documentation, as well as conducting acceptance and periodic testing of products.

Organization and support of the certification process2024-01-04T14:40:32+05:30

We develop documentation to confirm product compliance with the technical regulations of the Customs Union and accompany us during the audit by the certifying body.


On the development of technical documentation for IT equipment.

Full cycle of documentation development2024-01-04T14:42:02+05:30

Technical conditions, operating instructions and product passport are documents necessary for operation and confirmation of product compliance with the requirements of the technical regulations of the Customs Union.


At MUJO production, a quality control system is strictly observed.

Corporate identity from scratch2024-01-04T14:44:00+05:30

We develop a corporate identity for the brand: brand book, corporate colors, logo, fonts. We will organize all necessary printing work.

Packaging and equipment design2024-01-04T14:43:29+05:30

We develop the design of case elements, packaging and design: trays, boxes, barcodes, stickers, markings and nameplates.

Additional IT services

As part of complex projects, we offer examination based on the distributor’s competencies

Presale and project implementation2024-01-04T14:47:19+05:30
  • Generation of customer needs
  • Joint pre-sale of complex projects
  • Engineering and design
  • Implementation (construction and commissioning), including remote locations
  • Support and service for up to 5 years
  • Pre-project survey
  • Engineering and technical infrastructure
  • Turnkey data center and computing infrastructure
  • Telecommunications infrastructure
  • Unified communications and multimedia infrastructure
  • Information Security
  • Technical safety

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