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frequently asked questions

Where to find drivers for MUJO devices2024-01-18T16:11:55+05:30

You can find and download drivers yourself on our website. If you do not find the required file in the list of required models, please write us an email to [email protected] indicating the S/N of the device.

Will replacing components yourself affect the warranty?2024-01-18T16:10:21+05:30

Replacing components does not affect the warranty. The customer is responsible for further compatibility. If the product fails due to a low-quality/incompatible component installed independently, the device will be voided from warranty.

Situations not covered by warranty2024-01-18T16:09:29+05:30

The warranty does not apply to:

  • product defects resulting from violation of transportation and
    storage rules, as well as improper operation;
  • product defects resulting from
    force majeure circumstances;
  • product defects resulting from the actions of third parties;
  • defects caused by non-compliance with the attached operating instructions, as well
    as careless handling;
  • deficiencies caused by improper connection and installation of the product;
  • product defects caused by non-compliance of the power supply network, telecommunications,
    cable and other networks with the requirements of the state standard;
  • product defects caused by natural phenomena and natural disasters, fires;
    domestic and wild animals, as well as insects and rodents; ingress of
    foreign objects or substances, dust, moisture and other similar reasons;
  • external and internal contamination, scratches, abrasions, cracks, dents, etc.,
    arising during transportation and operation, as well as other mechanical
  • products that have been repaired or technically examined
    by unauthorized service providers;
  • products from which the serial number, markings and seals on
    product components have been removed;
  • damage caused to other equipment operating in conjunction with the
    MUJO product;
  • remote controls, styluses, headphones, headsets, headphones with
    microphone, antennas, non-rechargeable batteries, connecting cables;
  • mounting accessories, straps, covers, carrying cords, documentation included with the product;
  • storage media of various types (memory cards, disks with software and drivers);
  • broken software installed by FabrikOn LLC
    due to the deletion of files important to the system, incorrect system configuration,
    virus infection, etc.;
  • other cases provided for by current legislation.
Where to find addresses of service centers2024-01-18T16:07:50+05:30

On the website in the Support section.

Assembly from components from the MUJO production site2024-01-04T12:35:28+05:30

Ready-made equipment under the MUJO brand or with a partner’s logo.

Contract manufacturing under a partner’s brand2024-01-04T13:59:20+05:30

Assembled from MUJO partner or manufacturing site components.

Reconfiguration and additional assembly of products2024-01-04T14:00:30+05:30
  • Installation of safety components for special product requirements.
  • Adding and replacing components.
Creation of PAKs and automated workstations2024-01-04T14:01:12+05:30

Creation, testing and certification of solutions.

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